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Reading club - They write

Reading club - They write
Publicado en:10-11-2021

On October 30, 2021, the first session this quarter of the "They write" reading club took place at the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Cultural Center.

In this session, the members of the club have met the person who, from now on, will be in charge of running the club, Marina Ortega. And, to start this new stage at the club with enthusiasm, she has surprised us all with a video, which we have been able to project, by the writer herself, Rosa Montero, addressed to the club, thanking them for having chosen her novel, "Good luck" for this first meeting, and showing his joy for the existence of reading clubs like this one.

After viewing this video, Marina has channeled the session to talk and debate about the novel chosen for the occasion, which, as already mentioned, is "Good luck", by Rosa Montero.

The next session will be on Saturday, November 27, with the novel "Leave your message after the signal", by Arantza


All people who are interested in signing up for this activity, can register through the email bibliotecapicasso@torremolinos.es


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