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Pedro Ramos Literary Club

Pedro Ramos Literary Club
Publicado en:18-10-2021

On October 7, 2021, the first session of the Pedro Ramos Literary Club took place, this, being the first session, was face-to-face.

In this first session, the people who make up the club have returned to introduce themselves to both the new and new members, as well as those who were already there, as well as Pedro Ramos, its coordinator. They have talked about the latest readings they have done in these vacation months and have made their recommendations. For this term, they will read the short novel Pedro Páramo, by Juan Rulfo, and will be working on it in the coming weeks. For the next session, next week, they will have to write a short story that everyone will read and comment on.

Those interested in participating may register by calling 952 385 182 or by e-mail to Bibliotecapicasso@torremolinos.es

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