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Mural "An oasis in Torremolinos" by Ana Cortés "Bosska"

Publicado en:27-09-2021

On September 2, 2021, Ana Cortés ‘Bosska’ made the mural ‘An oasis in Torremolinos’ in the El Calvario neighborhood, a large-format work that illustrates the freedom and diversity the municipality represents on a European level.

Measuring over 14 meters high and 4 meters wide, the spray painting by Ana Cortés is inspired “by Torremolinos' ability to mix the traditional and the modern, a city in which everything has a place and diversity is respected ”, Said the illustrator who is characterized by her color palette full of bright tones and contrasts, her own style that is close to the 'art nouveau' of the early twentieth century.

The work is part of the project to revitalize spaces to promote tourism and art promoted by the Culture area.