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Interactive workshop - Working on emotions in times of change

Interactive workshop - Working on emotions in times of change
Publicado en:18-10-2021

On October 5, 2021, the first session of the quarter of the Interactive Workshop to work on emotions in times of change took place, a psychoeducational workshop where, through theory and practice of emotional intelligence exercises, art therapy and mindfulness, the Participants obtain tools for their emotional self-regulation, this took place in the exhibition hall of the Cultural Center due to its spaciousness and acoustics.

Thanks to how well the workshop was before the summer break, there was a large public attendance. To begin with, the people who have attended have introduced themselves and have commented on how they feel at this time in their life and what they hope to achieve thanks to this workshop. Through a series of exercises they have been able to distinguish and differentiate certain emotions, in addition to doing small meditations and relaxations.

People interested in attending the following sessions can register by calling 952 385 182 or via e-mail to Bibliotecapicasso@torremolinos.es


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