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Activities for all public

The Library plays in your neighborhood

date: 23 Octuber 2021

Open Door: 11:00

start: 11:00

Dirección: Otros,

Dirección: Parque de la Batería



The Library plays in your neighborhood

Next Saturday October 23, the family activity "The Library plays in your neighborhood" will take place in the Torremolinos Battery Park.

Because the International Day of Libraries is celebrated on October 24, and that the campaign promoted by the Delegation of Cultural Promotion and Youth known as "Play in your neighborhood" is having good acceptance, the Library wants to take advantage of the occasion and Go out on the streets this Saturday to make yourself better known, uniting the playful with the cultural as a way to celebrate your day.

In this way, leaving the facilities themselves, the Library wants to show what it can contribute to society in a more direct and less formal way, informing about the services it provides and the activities it carries out, all accompanied by a series of games related to reading.

We will also have another two days to enjoy these activities, on November 20, at Avenida Cantarranas, and on December 18 at the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Cultural Center.

This activity is for all audiences, perfect to enjoy with the family. In addition to the games in which they will participate, two games will be raffled, one among the first ten families to attend and another at the end of the activity.