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Get on Stage
  • Date start: 18.06.2021
  • limit date: 05.07.2021

Are you an artist and want to prove it? GET ON THE STAGE!

If you are between 12 and 35 years old, you are a restless soul and you want the world to see it, THIS IS YOUR CONTEST! And it is that being young and from Torremolinos has never been so cool, because you can win one of our prizes for being a brave or brave artist.

Check the bases, choose your category and find out everything!

Get on Stage

GET ON THE STAGE! it is the new contest for all young artists who were born, work, study or reside in Torremolinos.

All boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 35 (inclusive) may participate in our contest GET ON THE STAGE! in the following categories:


It does not matter that you participate in several categories, individually or in a group. Here there is plenty of art and you have to demonstrate it in all its variants to reach the grand final and get one of our prizes.

+ info in the contest rules.


To formalize the registration, the REGISTRATION SHEET (Annex I) must be presented,
according to the following options:
A. By presenting it at the General Entry Register of the Torremolinos Town Council's Delegation for Cultural Promotion, located in the Town Hall itself, from Monday to Friday from 09:00 h. at 1:30 p.m.
B. You may choose to participate in said call, by sending the Digitally Signed Registration Form (essential requirement) to the email address juventud@torremolinos.es
The application must have a photocopy of the ID card attached. of the participant / s together with a video of their performance in video format (mp4) or a link where it is possible to view and download it.

In the case of minors, they must present express AUTHORIZATION of the father, mother or legal guardian (Annex II) together with a photocopy of the D.N.I. of these, agreeing with the minor's participation in the Contest, the lack of said document being grounds for automatic exclusion.
The data and information required will be treated in accordance with the provisions of current Legislation on the Protection and Treatment of Personal Data (Organic Law 3/208, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Rights Digital).
The DEADLINE to formalize the registration will end at 11:30 p.m. Monday, July 5, 2021.


FOR SOLOISTS. Spanish or foreign young people who study, work or reside in Torremolinos, who carry out educational activity in this municipality, or who belong to associations of this town with ages between 12 and 35 years old, both included and completed on the date of publication of the call.
FOR COLLECTIVES. At least one of the members must comply with the statements in the previous paragraph and the average age of the participants does not exceed 35 years.
The relationship with Torremolinos will be accredited through the D.N.I., Registration Certificate, Rental Contract or Public Deed, Registration of the Study Center, Work Contract or memory of activities carried out in the municipality if necessary.
B.- Participants may participate as soloists and as members of one or more bands or groups, as well as in different disciplines without any incompatibility.
C.- It will be grounds for rejection of immediate application to have or have had a signature with a record label, if groups or soloists with self-financed works will be admitted.
D.- Racist, sexist, homophobic or discriminatory content based on nationality, sex, religion, age or any type of disability will be disqualified, likewise participants who support human rights violations will be automatically disqualified.
E.- The Youth Delegation will provide the stage, basic sound and lighting equipment and the competent personnel for the production of the contest, and the participants themselves must provide the musical instruments, props or any other material they need for their performance.
F.- The actions will be carried out in the facilities that the Torremolinos City Council determines and broadcast in Torremolinos Television programs.


The Jury will be made up of a President; a Secretary, who will be represented by a member of the Delegation of Cultural Promotion and Youth of the Torremolinos City Council, with voice but without vote; and by 3 representatives of legally constituted Associations or Entities, or Professionals of Culture, Art or Entertainment, with voice and vote; Not being able to have any family ties with the participants, with any of the components of the Jury, this being an automatic reason for disqualification.
Once the deadline for submitting applications is over, the applications will be examined by the Examining Body. Subsequently, after correcting the possible defects in the application (s), the Jury will draw up the calendar for the actions of the participants and proceed to evaluate them. The members of the Jury will rate the performances from 1 to 10, based on certain criteria technical and originality and creativity.
The Jury's deliberations will be secret. It will not establish any communication with any participant. The Jury will maintain absolute confidentiality about them, as well as the works presented and any data of the participants.
In no case may more than one work be awarded ex aequo, that is, there will be no possibility of a tie, and the Prize may be awarded to more than one participant. In the event of a tie, a new evaluation of the work will be carried out, and if the tie remains, a draw will be held.
The Jury's decision will be final, and may, by unanimous decision, declare any of the Prizes collected in these Terms and Conditions void if it deems it appropriate. In this case, the Torremolinos City Council will decide accordingly.
In case of doubt and if necessary, the Qualifying Jury reserves the power to interpret these RULES. Likewise, it will solve any unforeseen event that may arise and that is not included in them.
The Jury will announce its Judgment on the municipal website of Culture: www.torremolinoscultura.es, as well as through the Media, Transparency Portal, City Council Edicts Board, and notifying the Selected in the Semifinals, and the Awardees in the event of the Grand Final.


• The fact of participating in this Contest implies knowledge and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, implying the express acceptance of the Participants and legal Representatives to publish the names of the Winners on social networks and other media. communication, as well as in the National Subsidies Database.
• The photographic or video report presented will have a maximum of 15 minutes in length.
• All Intellectual Property Rights that may fall on the works submitted to the Contest (Reproduction, Public Communication, Distribution and Transformation), will be exclusively assigned to the Torremolinos City Council, the latter acquiring the right to publish them, through any system or format, modality or procedure, mentioning the authorship and name of the participant.
• The participants, by the mere fact of presenting themselves to the Contest, declare and guarantee that their work is original, so that their submission to it does not violate any copyright.
• The Winners authorize the Torremolinos City Council to reproduce, disseminate and use by all means spoken and filmed in any form, by any means and on any medium, their name and surname, image and voice, always for the purposes of cultural promotion and informative in relation to the law in force.
• The winning works will be included in the Municipal Audiovisual Archive of the Torremolinos City Council.
• The Torremolinos City Council is exempt from any liability that may arise for these reasons, as well as from any circumstance attributable to third parties that may affect the proper enjoyment of the Prize.
· The Torremolinos City Council will not be responsible for the services that any other entity with which the participant collaborates, provides to the winners as a result of the Prizes awarded or for any damage, understood in the broadest way possible.
• All data will be treated with absolute confidentiality, not being accessible to third parties for purposes other than those for which they have been authorized.
• Regarding the Data Protection Law, the personal data collected in this Contest will become part of a file owned by the Torremolinos City Council. Any user may exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, by writing to the Torremolinos City Council, C.I.F .: P-2910300-I, Plaza Blas Infante No. 1, of 29620 Torremolinos (Tlf. 952.379.400).
Any doubt, modification or subsequent problem that affects the proper development of this call, will be resolved by the Instructional Body (Delegate Councilor of the Youth Area).

THREE PRIZES are established for which all categories compete:
FIRST PRIZE. Endowed with € 800.00.- (EIGHT HUNDRED EUROS)
SECOND PRIZE. Endowed with € 600.00.- (SIX HUNDRED EUROS)
THIRD AWARD. Endowed with € 400.00.- (FOUR HUNDRED EUROS)
The AWARDS will be subject to a performance of between 40 minutes and one hour in duration within the programming of the Delegation of Cultural Promotion of the Torremolinos City Council scheduled for the months of September to December 2021.
These amounts will be subject to the corresponding tax withholdings.
For the materialization of each Prize, and after the Jury's decision, each winner will be asked for a photocopy of their DNI, Passport or Residence Permit; and a Bank Certificate.
The budget application to which the expense will be allocated will be 32020.481.00 for the amount of 1,800.00€ (THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED EUROS).


If you see your rights violated, you can contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency (www.aepd.es). Torremolinos Town Hall Delegation of Cultural Promotion and Youth.

In matters not provided for in these Terms and Conditions, it will be governed by:
• Law 38/2003, of November 17, General on Subsidies
• The legislation on Local Regime that is applicable
• The Bases of Execution of the Budget of the Torremolinos City Council
• Law 39/2015, of October 1, on Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations
• And how many General or Procedural Standards are applicable


This call is subject to the Information Supply Obligations established in the Regulatory Regulations of the National Subsidies Database, and an extract of the call must be sent to the B.O.P. from Malaga